Anonymous asked: Pictures of arianna's butt?

I’ve posted pics of her bum before! haha:)

Liz Gillies App Release Date Announced!!


I will be releasing the 1st ever Liz Gillies App on the 18th of October 2013!! So lets start the 12 day countdown right now! :D Spread the word here and twitter! #LizGilliesApp18October

Ariana Grande, You’ll Never Know (Full Studio Version Leaked) *Downloadable version*

Ariana Grande Yours Truly - Daydreamin’ Preview


Here it is!! Victorious end of season 1 backstage! *Rare Video* What do you think? :D


Anonymous asked: Any nomakeup pictures?

Yeah sure! Coming up :)

Ariana in a bikini as requested! :) *UNTAGGED*

Ariana Grande Yours Truly - Lovin’ It Preview

Ariana Grande Yours Truly - Tattooed Heart Preview


Anonymous asked: Can you post really rude pictures of ariana? Like naked or something?

I don’t have any pics of her naked! I’ve pics of her in a bikini?

Ariana Grande Yours Truly - Honeymoon Ave. Preview